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    Gallery Art Houza��s Chipko Movement exhibition promotes green living with installations made from waste

    On Sunday, the major malls in the city will become ground zero for used plastic bottles, milk cartons, industrial waste and the like. Though this is not a waste recycling drive, it attempts to promote green living, with art installations made of discarded materials. Spearheaded by Gallery Art Houz and Atikramya builders, the installations are part of an exhibition titled Chipko Movement. a�?It is inspired by Indiaa��s first fight against deforestation in 1730, when villagers in Khejri hugged (chipko) trees to protest their felling,a�? says Poornima Hari, the gallerya��s curator. The art works, by artists from around the city, will be displayed in nine locations, including Loyola College, Lady Andal School and Forum Vijaya.Change on the move
    Sailesh BO, a surrealist painter and sculptor at Cholamandal Artistsa�� Village, has looked at scrap yards for inspiration. a�?In the West, old cars are crushed and the scrap metal reused. We dona��t follow that here. To emphasise the concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle, I am going to take an old Mercedes Benz and make it my canvas,a�? he says, adding, a�?Ia��ll paint it using the spray technique, so that when people move around it, its dimensions will changea��creating an optical illusion.a�?
    Breaking plastic
    Another participating artist, Maria Raj Anthony says that to him, the Earth is like a bottle. a�?As long as it is whole, it is useful. But when it breaks, youa��ve to throw it away,a�? says the sculptor from Cholamandal. His installationa��a bottle and a broken bottlea��will be made from non-biodegradable plastic bottles. Over six feel tall, it will be exhibited at Phoenix Market City.

    Till December 10. Details: 9092861461


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