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Evam Standup Tamasha’s new show is all about the new, fresh and young

For a change, the headliners are taking a backseat at Evam’s latest standup. And taking the place of Karthik Kumar and S Aravind on stage are the next generation of comics from Evam Standup Tamasha: Deepu Dileepan, Alex, Bala Kumaran and Bhargav Ramakrishnan. Promising that “history, chemistry and physics will be made”, the four standup comedians are debuting their all-new One Dabba Comedy Show. And before the title confuses you, Kumaran says deciphering it is quite simple: it strings together the first letters of all their names. “The show will have new material, a lot of improv and even a parody song dedicated to Valentine’s Day, which will be a mashup of popular English numbers,” he says.
With each of the four getting around 20 minutes of stage time, expect jokes on relationships (it’s the season for romance, after all), work and some slice-of-life. “Our improv segment will be quite interactive, much like the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? We’ll get the audience to give us situations to play off,” says Kumaran, adding that the only stumbling block they faced was putting the song together. “None of us are great singers, so that was a little bit of a problem,” he laughs. With plans to take the show on the road soon—Bengaluru is the next stop on that tour bus—he asks everyone to just sit back and not hold the laughter in.

Today, at 8 pm, at The Raintree Hotel Anna Salai. Tickets at `750 (of which, `500 is redeemable). Details: in.bookmyshow.com

—Surya Praphulla Kumar


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