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    A niche yet popular rock genre, thrash metal has its own following in the city. While hip-hop and pop may still rule the airwaves, greats like Metallica and Megadeth made their way here, setting off a revival. Artiste manager with Sound Awake, Sangeeth Ram says, a�?You either love or hate metal. There is no middle path,a�? he says, adding that kids are rediscovering the genre. a�?That is why Sound Awake, usually associated with EDM, has teamed up with Rolling Stones for the Metal Awards 2015 to be held at Blue Frog, Mumbai on March 22.a�? And in an effort to popularise metal, theya��ve launched a festival, Insurrection IV, which will also make its way to Jaipur and Delhi, with acts like The Down Troddence, Neolithic Silence, Chaos, Amorphia, Abaddon, Sceptre and Threinody. Siddharth Naidu, guitarist and vocalist of Threinody elaborates:
    More about your music.
    We are inspired by classic and thrash metal bands of the 70s and 80s including Venom, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath.

    What makes metal niche?
    It is music thata��s meant to be felt and experienced, not just heard. It is not about conforming. In India, conformity is valued, so people turn to conformist types of music. But therea��s more passion, feeling and soul in the live metal performances.

    On vernacular metal bands.
    There were no such metal bands when we began. But recently, we got Dhwesha, who play death metal with Kannada lyrics. They have been pretty successful and ita��s encouraging.
    Whoa��ll be crowned a�?Best Banda��?
    Perhaps, Demonic Ressurection. Theya��ve been around for nearly 15 years and have plenty of experience.

    City bands with a bright future.
    Kryptos, Inner Sanctum, Eccentric Pendulum, Djinn & Miskatonic, Bevar Sea, Shepherd, Dark Desolation, Dhwesha. If you consider The Down Troddence (born in Kerala, now in the city) as a Bangalore band, they also have potential.

    March 15, 4 pm onwards at Indigo Live Bar, Koramangala. Tickets (Rs.250) on bookmyshow.com. Vote for the best song, band and album on rollingstoneindia.com.

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