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    Novoneel Chakraborty on his latest book and why thrillers excite him.

    FORGET Me Not, Stranger, the final book of Novoneel Chakrabortya��s popular Stranger trilogy, is out, and the author says he is relieved. a�?Ia��ve been working on the series for two-and-a-half-years. Sometimes I got impatient because there were other story ideas bubbling. But I enjoyed the experience, too,a�? he begins, adding that the most satisfying part was writing a character that was not really presenta��a a�?strangera�� with no dialogues or description (especially in book one).
    You would think the 29-year-old would take a break now. But hea��s already working on his next, a duology, with a psycho-sexual twist. In fact, psychological thrillers are Chakrabortya��s forte. a�?Sometimes I want to write something happy, maybe a love story, but it ends up being a psychological novel. I think ita��s because I like to go deep into my characters, reveal their inner workings,a�? he laughs. Calling himself an intuitive writera��he can go for days without writing, though he is always thinking about the plota��he confesses that he is a serial note-taker. a�?I carry a diary with me and I have journals in every corner of my home. There have beenA� instances when Ia��ve dreamed sequences, which I jot down and later turn into fiction,a�? says the writer, who feels it is important to be a�?switched on all the timea�?.
    A fan of thrillers like Breaking Bad and Dexter, and regional translations (hea��s currently reading Perumal Murugana��s One Part Woman), Chakraborty says he wants to expand his creative base. That includes trying his hand at a historical and a comedy, getting into making films, and growing his company, Act Three Creations, which provides content for television and the digital space.

    Forget Me Not, Stranger is available at all leading book stores. Rs 175.
    Details: 65478658

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