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Young city artist and photographer Dia Mehta Bhupal
takes her art to Chinese shores

THE first edition of Yinchuan Biennale 2016 at Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan (MOCA), based on the theme For an Image, Faster Than Light is turning out to be a hotbed of artistic activity. Interestingly, the biennale being hosted in the Chinese city from September 9 has been curated by the renowned Mumbai-based artist, Bose Krishnamachari. And Hyderabad-based artist and photographer Dia Mehta Bhupal is one amongst the 74 international contemporary artists whose work will be on display at the biennale that will continue till December 18.
Dia, who left for Yinchuan for four days says, a�?There are multiple interesting dialogues amongst the works – some simple and others more complex. The biennale has been a platform to engage with visual intelligence.a�?
Arty construct
a�?As an artist I work with the a�?constructed image,a�� of primarily public spaces that make you contemplate on the basic realities,a�? says the artist who creates life-like installations of interiors supermarket, pharmacy and airplane. She uses old magazines, cuts the pages into strips and twirls them individually, after which each roll is crafted to create a structure. The concepts also impart a lesson in recycling.
Another dimension
Interestingly, what is displayed at MOCA, arena��t these life-like installations she creates, but its photographs. That way Dia, who is also a Parsons School of Design-educated photographer, adds another function to photography. a�?In a world saturated with manipulated images, my work re-evaluates the potential of the photographic medium. The images do not just depict the world around us but actively participate in its construction.a�? The snaps from two of her series, pharmacy and supermarket trolleys, are at MOCA alongside those of renowned artists like Anish Kapoor, Yoko Ono and Song Dong.

Details: http://www.biennialfoundation.org/biennials/yinchuan-biennale-china/
a�� Paulami Sen


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