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    The trailer for the X-Men spinoff, Logan just released and we cana��t stop raving about Hugh Jackmana��s physique. Although A�celebrities have brutal workout sessions, some of them can be fun and offbeat too. We look at some of the more interesting regimes that popular stars have adapted.

    akdJason Momoa
    The Game Of Thrones hunk has one of the most chiseled physiques on the silver screen. Soon to be playing Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League, this 37-year-old regularly posts pictures and videos of his mountain- and wall-climbing exploits, which is great for giving the lower body a workout and building core strength.

    Sarah Hyland a1
    This 25-year-old Modern Family star posted a cute photo of herself on Instagram all tangled up in ribbons. The work out, called aerial yoga, uses silk ribbons suspended from the ceiling. A combination of cardio and strength training, it is great for your core. Although she was all smiles in the picture, the routine she practices is said to be extremely challenging.

    Lupita Nyonga��o
    This Kenyan-Mexican stunner got her big break in 12 Years a Slave and more recently, wowed critics with her performance in the sports drama, Queen Of Katwe. The 33-year-old showed us how slick she is with a hula hoop in a recent interview with Vogue. A fun way to burn calories, hula hooping works your arms, legs and hips.

    Ryan Reynolds ryan
    Reynolds won all our hearts with Deadpool and that can be attributed to his fitness regime which includes mountain biking. The 40-year-old, who recently welcomed a baby with wife Blake Lively, revealed that it helps build leg muscle and
    relieve stress.

    ckjckVanessa Hudgens
    Fondly remembered from the High
    School Musical series, this 27-year-old is known to include Piloxing in her grueling workout routine. Piloxing is a combination of pilates, and boxing. The star, who was recently in the headlines for her bold new braided hairstyle, does piloxing to strengthen
    muscles and improve balance.

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