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Brit punk rockers The Virginmarys make their Indian debut

NAMED the Best Breakthrough Act at the 2013 Classic Rock Awards, The Virginmarys have come a long way from their small-town roots in Macclesfield, near Manchester. Band members Ally Dickaty, Danny Dolan and Matt Rose, share their hopes for the India tour, and musical influences from Queen of country, Dolly Parton to rock legends Nirvana.

Your journey as a band. Two of us (Danny and Ally) had been playing together in different bands before meeting Matt. We connected at a pub in Macclesfield, jammed together and formed as a�?The Virginmarysa��. Wea��ve grown musically as a band and feel that our next album is a lot more established.

Was there a big break?
Ita��s been a good, steady, organic growth that is continuing to develop. Working with Wind Up in America has been incredible.

Is this your first time here?
Yes, this will be our first time in India, thanks to Vh1 Emerge. Wea��ll be playing some new songs that will feature on the next album so ita��ll be interesting to see how they go down in Bangalore.

Your musical influences.
Ita��s different for all of us. For Matt, ita��s Nirvana. For Danny, ita��s Dave Grohl, Jack White and Dolly Parton. We think Neil Young has continued to do his own thing throughout his career and stuck to his guns, and Josh Homme is setting the standard high these days.

Sum up your sound.
Passionate, energetic, honest. Rock meets punk, grunge and soul.

In the pipeline.
Wea��ve recorded 30 demos now so the new album is definitely on track. Fingers crossed we can get something out by next year.

December 12, 8 pm. At Hard Rock Cafe, St Marka��s Road. Tickets (Rs.500) on bookmyshow.com

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