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    While there have been constant arguments over who makes a�?real musica��, one major question arises. Are DJs real at all? A few days ago, a Redditor made some very serious allegations against some top DJs. The allegations referred to artistes like Avicii, his relationship with his manager and how top stars like Tiesto, Shogun, Hardwell, Avicii, Aarmin Van Buuren are known to use ghost producers. While we can brush them aside, dismissing them as the work of a PR guy seeking attention, some of the remarks that he made were really astounding.

    I frankly dona��t care much about ghost producers and relationships with their managers. My question is simple a�� are we dancing to pre-recorded music at concerts? Is anyone producing anything besides throwing fits on stage and giving the real deal to the thousands of fans who spend thousands just to gain an entry? One of the close industry sources (whom I will not name), says that DJ Zedd, who toured India recently, had preset music, with preset visuals and that the crew of five people, who flew down from the US, merely plugged in and played it.

    While I respect any music genre and consider music in any form to be a creation of the Almighty (it is soulful right?), but if there is any truth in these EDM rumours, I will have to say that this is scary. So much for originality!

    There is legitimate music all around us but if the masses are running around scraping up their savings to buy a ticket, that ticket needs to be for legitimate music and not just lip syncing. Although some artistes are best heard on a recorded version than live.
    I hope this trend does not invade India ever. I believe we have well informed youngsters who can evaluate the music they listen to. Leta��s hope we can get some answers to this and those answers are truthful, not a cut-copy-paste version from somewhere else.

    – (m trigam.m@jupitermail.in)
    Trigam Mukherjee is a communications and events specialist with Radio Indigo



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