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Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen, a one day transformational workshop, promises to connect you to your goals

One day seems too short to achieve anything in life. But life coach Sanjay Rao Chaganti says ita��s plenty to get things moving in the right direction. a�?The workshop will teach you how best to use the power of your thoughts and emotions to create your future,a�? says the city-based trainer and senior regional advisor (Asia and Eastern Europe) of Populations Services International, an NGO that works in health, who has been inspiring people for the last 20 years. Having received his Louise Hay international certification in May, to conduct the motivational speakera��s a�?Heal Your Lifea�� workshops, he has recently concluded a session in Nepal and plans to take his message to the US in November and South Africa in December.

While admitting that the philosophies dealt with in the workshop are similar to what we are familiar with in traditional Indian principles like yoga, Chaganti explains that a�?Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchena�� gives it a vocabulary that is better understood by todaya��s audiences. a�?We use three toolsa��meditation, visualisation and affirmation. But most importantly, we help you transform your negative energies and emotions into positive ones,a�? says the 47-year-old, adding that while most motivational workshops focus on how to get from A to B, a�?we dig a little deeper, at the subconscious level (through meditation), to understand how you got to place A in the first place.a�?

Since any workshop is only as good as what you do after it, he plans to conduct a follow up in a month. a�?Wea��ll come up with individual routines for the participants (though targeting working adults, ita��s open to all) to do daily. We also encourage setting up of Facebook
pages or whatsapp groups so the members can help each other,a�? he signs off.

Rs.2,500. September 14, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm, at 136.1 Studio, Alwarpet. Details: 9600044229
a��Surya Praphulla Kumar