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    Ditch the gym. The city’s first functional fitness centre focusses on strength, stamina and agility.

    hile we are not strangers to functional fitness, thanks to outfits like The Unit, I am still taken aback when I walk into S10 Healthcare Solutions. With battle ropes, kettlebells and green floors sporting dots and grids, the city’s first scientifically-planned functional fitness outfit is impressive. Founder Sridharan Sivan says he decided to launch it—along with sports physician, Dr Dobson Dominic—because the question ‘why doesn’t India lead in sports globally’ bothered him. While gyms give you a one dimensional workout, this high-performance centre is activity specific. Not only will it train you for strength and agility, it will also take each individual’s specific requirements into consideration. In fact, your every movement is monitored by 15 high-definition cameras.
    To be launched on Race Course Road on July 12, the centre will cater to both professionals and fitness enthusiasts. Children as young as six can join, too—the centre will help them identify their sport by analysing strong and weak points. “In China or Russia, a child’s potential is identified early and that talent is nurtured with a scientific approach and good facilities. I want to bring something similar to India,” explains Sivan.

    Join the dots
    The 6,000 sq ft space is divided into six zones. While ‘Training for Power’ houses the battle ropes, TRX and bands, the ‘Strength Zone’ has functional balls, kettlebells and dumbbells. The functional floor—marked by grids, dots and compasses—helps you follow movement patterns, and give your body a complete workout. In fact, the centre’s five trainers (each with a major in physiotherapy) will ensure that every activity you do is movement based.
    When members sign up (Sivan says over 1,000 people have already done so), each will go through a biomechanical qualitative and quantitative assessment—the former to assess movement patterns and muscular imbalances, while the latter measures physical capacity. Then a customised exercise and diet programme is created. Yoga is also incorporated, but is not prescribed in isolation.

    Pain busters
    Functional training not only increases the force-producing capability of muscles, but also enhances the coordination of the nervous and muscular systems. Unlike a gym,  Dominic promises the exercises will not cause injuries. Rather, they will help relieve pain by identifying the source and correcting errors. “A lot of pain management therapy will be prescribed, to treat pain and to ensure there is no relapse,” says Dominic, one of only four sports doctors in India. Next, they plan to launch an osteoporosis programme (in August), and expand S10 Healthcare across the country.
    Rs 9,000 for three months.
    Details: 33532525

    —Regina Gurung


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