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    Actress Kangana Ranaut on Queen and her journey of discovery

    In the last six months she has played a shape-shifting villain in Krrish 3 and a nautch girl in Rajjo and now, in Queen, Kangana Ranaut steps into the shoes of a small town girl who goes on her honeymoon alone. A light-hearted comic rites of passage film, Queen is likely to catapult the 26-year-old National Award winning actor from Fashion (2008) into the big league. Read on:

    What attracted you to the role of Rani in Queen?
    Everything about this film is out of the box. The film is about a girla��s journey, and shea��s a very unconventional character. Director Vikas Bahl explained to me that she is not Tanu (from Tanu Weds Manu) but someone who probably stands next to Tanu, who is probably ignored in a group of five. An underdog. Rani is part of a society where she has been raised with the ultimate goal of getting married and being a good housewife.

    What is it about a role or a film that moves you?
    I am constantly seeking something that transcends and pushes me beyond my limits; something that helps me realise things about myself that I have not realised as yet. For a long time I didna��t think I had gone beyond my debut film Gangster (2006) even though I did other landmark films in my career like Life in Aa�� Metro, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai and Tanu Weds Manu. I didna��t even feel like Fashion pushed me. In my first film all the limits were shattered a�� every shot was a sixer. And then you win all the awards and then, you wonder, where do I go from here. But Queen has gone way ahead of Gangster. With Queen, I feel I have shattered my limits.

    You seem to have plans to moved into direction.
    Well, so far it is the plan. I think it makes sense. I have recently returned from doing a screenwriting course in New York. But things have to happen at the right time.

    Do you think the position of women actors is improving in Bollywood?
    Yes, IA� believe things are changing but slowly. Films like Queen and Revolver Rani are being made. People have decided to finance Queen knowing there is no Kapoor or Khan in it, just this one girl. But we have a long way to go before we get the same status as male stars and it becomes fair for everyone.

    Queen is scheduled to release on March 7.

    – Udita Jhunjhunwala


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