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    Introducing Art&Found, an e-gallery for the new generation of collectors market

    Technology has empowered one and all, and art lovers in India have started warming up to the idea of an e-gallery. Art&Found is the latest to join the bandwagon and is meant exclusively for Indian artists.
    Aditya Mehta, the Mumbaikar behind this initiative, tells us why he took the e-route, a�?The Indian art market is pegged at USD 200 million, and ita��s growing by 20 per cent year after year. The online space is especially interesting to tap into. Ita��s not only giving buyers an opportunity to browse through unique, and affordable artworks, ita��s also building a market of first-time buyers. Art is slowly finding its space

    Talent house
    Mehta took us through the e-gallery, which was invited to the Wharton India Economic Forum (WIEF) early this year. The startup is an invite-only platform for Indian artists, residing in the country or abroad.This is what we liked about the collective a�� these artists, aged 22 to 40, are new names, some are fresh out of design schools, and others have built a strong following with time. Not just painters, they areA�an eclectic bunch of 150 designers, illustrators, typographers, photographers, and doodlers. Their work is fresh, and experimental, and thata��s why ita��s hard to get off the website. They are targetting the newA�generation of art collectors, wea��re told.
    The curated site only stocks limited edition, original artworks, and fresh and exciting takes on popular styles of art, says Mehta. The 30-year-old, who doubles up as a senior art director at O&M, lets us in
    on the curation process, a�?We look up the works of artists, their portfolios, and blogs. Their work has to be original, their style unique, and it must fit into the visual quality of our platform.a�?
    Currently, you can sift through 500 pieces of artworks spanning18 styles a�� ranging from abstract, B&W, contemporary, collage to erotica, photorealistic, pop art, and surreal. The inspirations come from
    sources as varied as John Lenon, retro film stars, science, traditional masks, Indian autos, fish markets, salads to sweet cigarettes. Prints come in small to extra large sizes. Blue05 series by Malay Bargali,
    Vintage Line by Radhika Chitalia, and U/1 by Rachna Ravi are Mehtaa��s picks.

    Artists first
    As if almost sensing our question, Mehta adds, a�?No. My art doesna��t make the cut here. But I have a good design sense, and an eye for essential details, thata��s why I decided to curate, and build a communityof artists.a�?In order to empower his collective of artists, he organises exhibitions, and gallery displays, and now plans to hold workshops to share their knowledge. a�?We want to be both an e-gallery, and a marketplace.
    It works well for both the artists and buyers,a�? Mehta signs off.
    Details: artandfound.co
    a�� Barkha Kumari


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