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    Stana Katic opens up about her character, Kate Beckett

    For seven seasons, Stana Katic has portrayed the fiercely loyal and relatable detective Kate Beckett. Speaking about her on-screen character, she shares her perspective of the officer, the evolution of the show, and her Bollywood dreams.

    Beckett’s appeal.
    The character has great integrity and heart. She is a woman in authority, strong, vulnerable, romantic, insecure, loving and protective. That’s why young women relate to her and male audiences find her engaging. She’s complex; and in spite of best efforts, doesn’t always choose well. The tenacity and helpfulness make her heroic.

    Contrasting TV and film.
    Film is exciting because it has a clear beginning, middle and end, which demands an incredible amount of risk and faith in the story and your fellow storytellers. Television stories are more ambitious. People are telling film-quality tales over 10 or more episodes.

    On different directors.
    We have about 10-15 directors every season, rotating through the stories. It’s nice to work with the ‘regulars’ because you develop a shorthand over time, which is invaluable when telling more ambitious stories.

    Pairing with Nathan Fillion.
    We are great colleagues. A story like ours can’t succeed without a good bounce between characters, and that shows with Beckett and Rick Castle.

    Views on Bollywood.
    I’ve visited India and had a profound experience. It would be an honour to make a film there.

    Life after Castle.
    This character and story will always be an incredibly sweet memory. I am forever grateful to the creators that gave me a role like Kate Beckett. And the fans who’ve sustained us.
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