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    Taylor Swift goes from 2014 back to 1989 with her latest album

    High on her seven Grammys, 15 American Music Awards and over 30 other awards, Taylor Swift goes back in time for inspiration of her new album called 1989 a�� something she tells us struck her soon after winning her 2014 Grammy. The singer and songwriter gets candid about her latest in music.

    The story behind the title.
    The title hit me the night of the Grammys this year. I went home and sat around with my backup singers and played them what I had so far. They kept saying, a�?This is such an 80s throwback record, the synths, the drums and the way youa��ve recorded the vocals.a��

    Why the 80s?
    Music history is a huge fascination of mine, and the late 80s was a time of endless possibility and rebelling against what was normal. In a way ita��s creatively starting over, and so I was very inspired by their willingness to step outside their own box in the late 80s.

    Specific inspiration.
    It hit me for the first time that Ia��d been naturally gravitating towards that era because Ia��d been listening to a lot of Peter Gabriel and late 80s Madonna and the Eurythmics and kind of focusing, without meaning to, on how they made music back then.

    More on your creative process.
    I immediately start writing after putting out an album. When I first start writing, songs sound a little like the last album. So Ia��ll write and write until I then start trying all these crazy new things and every once in a while hit on something really good.

    Tell us about the switch to pop.
    My friends have always known that my music had a lot of crossover happening. So I dona��t think it was really a big shock to anyone who knows me that I made this change. And Ia��ve just been wanting to challenge myself as a writer so it is really cool.
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