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    Summer is all about good hydration and this seasona��s top face mists promise to protect and renew

    Your heavy jars of viscous moisturiser are of no use when on the go. Instead, we suggest you reach for a handy bottle of face mist. Great all through the day (even over make-up), this one-step method of hydration sometimes goes further a�� like protecting with SPF or stimulating collagen production. a�?Besides giving you quick cooling when you are feeling hot,A� ita��s a good way to hydrate (if you can leave it on your face for some time). Choose products with aloe vera or camomile,a�? says renowned Mumbai-based dermatologist Jamuna Pai. But she does question their antioxidant claims. a�?How much can it actually permeate?a�? she asks. Wea��ll let you make up your minds with our pick of face mists.

    Cardamom trail
    Packing a potent punch is Forest Essentialsa�� Rose and Cardamom Body Mist. With aloe vera and wheatgerm, which help retain moisture and soothe the skin, it also incorporates the essence of rose and cardamom. While the former cools you down (and peps you up with its floral scent), the latter gives your skin a quick shot of anti-oxidants. Rs 975. Details: 30083571

    Pomegranate in the mix
    Irayaa��s Reviving Face Tonic with Pomegranate & Mint uses a combination of floral and herbal extracts to refresh the skin. While pomegranate 5 Iraya agives the necessary antioxidant boost, promising to help your skin retain its elasticity, mint is well known for its cooling properties. Rs 295. Details: iraya.in

    Take on the sun
    When a hydration boost is not all you need, pull out this little all-in-one. Infused with rosemary, the Supergoop! Defense Refresh spray not only keeps the dryness at bay, but also increases your UV defence with a quick coating of broad spectrum SPF 50. And a light cover of silica particles will minimise unwanted shine. Rs 1,786.
    Details: luxola.com

    Camu camu, anyone?
    A quick skin pick-me up, The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz promises to give instant refreshment, moisture and protection. Enriched with the Amazonian camu camu berry, a rich source of vitamin C, it not only re-energises dull skin but also promotes the production of collagen. Who can say no toA� more elasticity? Rs 995. Details: 30083410

    The good grass
    This onea��s great for people with oily skin. Besides ita��s cooling properties, Fabindiaa��s Lemongrass Facial Spraya��made, of course, with lemongrass essential oila��has anti-bactrerial properties and also helps minimise pores, limit oil production and firm the skin. Who wouldna��t want this all day long? Rs 165. Details: 43515207

    Aloe does it
    With the words a�?moisture surgea�� in its very name, it better back up the claim. And it does, with aloe vera and glycerine, two strong humectants 4 Clinique(locks in moisture), in the mix. Totally oil-free, the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray, which also incorporates the antioxidant of chamomile, hydrates while softening the skin and restoring balance. Rs 1,992. Details: clinique.in

    White out
    With the essence of the Angelica flower and benefits like skin lightening and moisturising, the Angelica Face Toner from La��Occitane is fresh and alcohol-free. It not only offers a quick pick-me-up whenever you need it, but also refreshes the skin and eliminates any build-up of impurities. Rs 1,550. Details: in.loccitane.com

    From the sea
    Salty seawater may dry your skin, but a seawater concentrate with marine minerals promises to do just the opposite. All the way from France, the Reviving Marine Mist by Thalgo has red marine algae, which moisturises deeply, and Sepitonic M3 (a multi-mineral component), which stimulates cellular regeneration. Lastly, its grapefruit extract will help tone the skin. Rs 1,770. Details: thalgo.in

    Flower power
    Enriched with Camellia flower extract, Chanela��s Hydra Beauty Essence Mist Alba claims to promote optimal moisture retention and inhibit melanin productiona��a good way to ban the tan. The blue ginger extract is a great antioxidant that encourages blood circulation, while its vitamins C and E add-ons help heal and soothe the skin. Rs 4,350. Details: 30083606

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