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    Inside Chanakyaai??i??s Mind

    Radhakrishnan Pillai isnai??i??t quite done with his fascination for Chanakya, not even after a handful of best-sellers ai??i?? Chanakya in Daily Life, Chan Ceftin price walmart the-ceo_finalakya in You, and Corporate Chanakya ai??i?? all based on the 4th Century royal advisorai??i??s treatise, the Arthashastra. While Pillai has firmly established his position as the modernist disseminator of Chanakyaai??i??s teachings, his latest release is a management guide, historical chronicle and self-help handbook all rolled into one, focussing on the concept of ai???aanvikshikiai??? or ai???the ultimate knowledge of self-realisationai???. Easy to read, with youngsters in mind, no doubt, this is ai???ancient wisdom, modern gyanai???, as one jacket blurb puts it, treading on being mildly pedagogical over matters such as of ai???Human and Divine Thinkingai???. For all its analytical wealth, yet, weai??i??re holding on to our copies of Chanakya Neeti by BK Chaturvedi. Penguin Random House India, `350.
    ai??i?? Jaideep Sen

    The CEO Who Lost His Head

    The esoteria laced into this whodunnit by former editor of DNA Mumbai, Aditya Sinha, is its biggest undoing. Sinha sacrifices subtlety for luridness, not least with his characters unimaginatively named Buster Das (ai???Bastardai??? for short), and the police officers Sandesh Solvekar and Mona Ramteke. Sinha appears to be nursing personal jollies over his unceremonious ousting from DNA in 2012, and there might well be a few riant former employees toasting his book as a last hurrah of sorts. For the rest of us, though, the story of a murdered newspaper CEO ai??i?? evidently based more on whim than genuine research ai??i?? suggests little more than a plot gone wrong at the very beginning. Pan Macmillan India, `299.

    Jaideep Sen


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