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    Singer NicoleScherzinger, who is back on X FactorUK as a judge, talksabout her equationA�with panellists

    FROM c omp o s i n g t h eAcademy-award winningJai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)to heading Pussycat Dolls,one of the best-selling girl
    groups of all times, Nicole Scherzingera��sA�as a judge on the 13th season ofX Factor UK doesna��t come as a surprise.Though the 38-year-old recentlytook a dig at creator Simon Cowell forA�her dismissal from the show two yearsA�ago, things seem to be working out forA�her now. And with Louis Walsh, theA�senior-most judge on the panel, statingA�that he prefers her over predecessorsA�Rita Ora and Cheryl Fernandez, sheA�has sealed her position. OverlookingA�the wars, the singer-actress revealsA�what goes on, on the panel.

    How is your bond with other panellists?
    Wea��re like a family; we all hang out.A�I dona��t know if you know this or not,A�but every Sunday we have a familyA�dinner.

    Do you get attached to the participants?
    There are a couple of really specialA�people, and I think we got to see aA�few of them. You dona��t want to cryA�because you dona��t want to mess upA�your make-up. But they really doA�get you, and you really connect, andA�thata��s what ita��s all about.

    How is the talent line-up this season?
    We have a really good mix. Wea��ve gotA�strong voices and we obviously haveA�some fun, entertaining people.

    Is it starting to get too competitive?
    Yes, it is. I like to win. I like to win hardA�and strong. Ia��m just picky, so I reallyA�care. So I want toA�make sure everythingA�is (competitive).
    Otherwise,A�why do it?

    With the results lastyear, did you feel theA�need to come back?
    I didna��t see the show lastA�year, but thata��s just becauseA�I dona��t watch TV. I think itA�would have been amazing. I feelA�whata��s so great about us in this
    panel is that the relationships speakA�for themselves and everything justA�feels really natural. Everyone keeps sayingA�to me, a�?Yeah, what are you bringing?a�� A�Ia��m like, a�?Ah, Ia��m bringing mea�� and theyA�say, a�?Oh, great. Is that what wea��re supposedA�to be doing?a�� So yeah, I think ita��sA�cool because I dona��t think wea��re tryingA�to do anything; just be us and hopefully,A�that doesna��t suck.A�X Factor UK, season 13, Mondays andA�Tuesdays, at 10 pm, on Vh1

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