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    Singer NicoleScherzinger, who is back on X FactorUK as a judge, talksabout her equation with panellists

    FROM c omp o s i n g t h eAcademy-award winningJai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)to heading Pussycat Dolls,one of the best-selling girl
    groups of all times, Nicole Scherzinger’s as a judge on the 13th season ofX Factor UK doesn’t come as a surprise.Though the 38-year-old recentlytook a dig at creator Simon Cowell for her dismissal from the show two years ago, things seem to be working out for her now. And with Louis Walsh, the senior-most judge on the panel, stating that he prefers her over predecessors Rita Ora and Cheryl Fernandez, she has sealed her position. Overlooking the wars, the singer-actress reveals what goes on, on the panel.

    How is your bond with other panellists?
    We’re like a family; we all hang out. I don’t know if you know this or not, but every Sunday we have a family dinner.

    Do you get attached to the participants?
    There are a couple of really special people, and I think we got to see a few of them. You don’t want to cry because you don’t want to mess up your make-up. But they really do get you, and you really connect, and that’s what it’s all about.

    How is the talent line-up this season?
    We have a really good mix. We’ve got strong voices and we obviously have some fun, entertaining people.

    Is it starting to get too competitive?
    Yes, it is. I like to win. I like to win hard and strong. I’m just picky, so I really care. So I want to make sure everything is (competitive).
    Otherwise, why do it?

    With the results lastyear, did you feel the need to come back?
    I didn’t see the show last year, but that’s just because I don’t watch TV. I think it would have been amazing. I feel what’s so great about us in this
    panel is that the relationships speak for themselves and everything just feels really natural. Everyone keeps saying to me, ‘Yeah, what are you bringing?’  I’m like, ‘Ah, I’m bringing me’ and they say, ‘Oh, great. Is that what we’re supposed to be doing?’ So yeah, I think it’s cool because I don’t think we’re trying to do anything; just be us and hopefully, that doesn’t suck. X Factor UK, season 13, Mondays and Tuesdays, at 10 pm, on Vh1

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