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    A run through of the top videos currently trending in Cyberspace

    Making impressions
    Musical impressionist Christina Bianco returns and impersonates over 35 different celebrities while singing Cee Lo Greena��s Forget You. Picking only female stars for her rendition of the hip-hop tune, Bianco mimicks Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Bette Midler, Zooey Deschanel, and Barbra Streisand. A great watch to karaoke to as well!

    Crackle coffee
    Jerry Seinfeld reunites with his Seinfeld co-star Michael Richards. A teaser to Seinfelda��s webseries, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, produced by Crackle, it sees a mustachioed Richards play Crackle CEO Dick Corcoran for a tense business exchange. After receiving a text, Seinfeld hustles by helicopoter, planes and fast cars to Hollywood to meet Corcoran for talks about taking out competition a�� Kellogga��s Rice Crispy mascots. The seriesa�� fifth season begins on November 6 with guests like Jimmy Fallon, Amy Schumer and Kevin Hart.

    Love, Who
    This Doctor Who fan, Bill Cindrich, really takes his love for the show, and his companion, to a whole new level with a TARDIS (the teleporting telephone booth, for the uninitiated) proposal. Cindrich built a life-size replica, telling his girlfriend it was for Halloween, but he wrote a�?Will You Marry Mea�� on the top panel, showed it to her and went down on one knee. Luckily she said yes! If not, Cindrich was going to have a large telephonic bonfire that night, he wrote on Reddit.

    Teaching tears
    Vogue Empower seriesa�� second film is directed by Vinil Mathew, with an appearance by Madhuri Dixit. The film, called #StartWithTheBoys, shows boys from the time they are infants, through adolescence to adulthood, being told that boys dona��t cry a�� irrespective of the situation they are in. The film takes an unexpected twist, when you see a man who looks like he will cry but is actually hurting a woman. It ends with Dixita��s powerful statement of teaching boys to not make others cry rather than just telling them not to cry.

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