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    Expect songs by popular composers in the third season of Swarna Sangeetham

    Music reality shows can never go out of fashion, be it Western or classical. Popular shows include Super Singer on Vijay TV, and on a smaller scale, Swarna Sangeetham, the flagship reality show of Tanishq in collaboration with Raj TV. In its third season, the show will celebrate the golden legacy of the statea��s rich culture in Carnatic music. Judged by popular vocalist, S Soumya and Chitra veena exponent, N Ravikiran, the show will go on air tomorrow.

    Talking about the show, Ravikiran says, a�?These shows inspire more than, 1000 children. I have been into music for a couple of years and I have performed in more than 40 countries. Carnatic music has a following everywhere.a�? Meanwhile, Soumya shares how she collaborated with Hindustani singer, Ashwini Bhinde. a�?When one wants to collaborate, there needs to be some common ground. I hope to collaborate with jazz musicians,a�? she says, adding, a�?I am a special invitee for this show, which has special episodes on Papanasam Sivan and on Bharathiyar.a�? The singer is known for her improvisation. a�?I generally work on the aalaap. One cannot do much with the raaga, so I improvise the swaras.a�? Soumya recently attended the sufi concert, Ruhaniyaat in the city, and is a big fan of ghazals. But she also enjoys music by Indian Ocean. a�?I do go to EDM concerts. I enjoy Sean Roland aka R Raghavendraa��s music. It is an acoustic set up and their lyrics are in Tamil,a�? she concludes.

    – Mrinalini Sundar


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