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    Issa Rae on black girl problems and her newest show, Insecure.

    EVERYONE knows Issa Rae as the YouTube star who created the Awkward Black Girl, which portrayed the perils of being a black single girl. The 2011 show became such a sensational hit that the writer-actor created her very own TV show, Insecure, based on the web series. Making its premiere on Indian television, we engaged Rae for some girl talk.

    Why Insecure for a title?
    I love flawed people, I love hearing stories about how you don’t have it together and then you find yourself. I want to see that journey—from insecure to confident. I say now that I’m confident in my insecurities.

    Your onscreen love doesn’t want to have a relationship. Can you relate to it?
    Being a woman, you’re on a biological clock and you feel rushed unless you are rich enough to freeze your eggs. I’ve been through that and you don’t have to be a black woman to say that.

    On black women?
    I think we’re at the bottom of the desire chain, of the dating totem pole. It’s not scientifically proven, but empirically, there’s evidence. In dating apps, we’re the last to be chosen and the least desirable.

    From YouTube to Insecure?
    For me, it’s definitely been a road with various hurdles. I don’t want to portray black people being overly dramatic or having violence, or with a slave story. I want to tell the stories of regular black people.

    Insecure airs Mondays at 10.30 pm on Star World Premiere

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