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    A new show will break stereotypes that surround ambitious girls

    Three young girls trying to make it big in the ever-expanding city of Mumbaia��thata��s what MTVa��s upcoming show, Girls on Top, is all about. Revati Chauhan aspires to be a top-billed electronic artiste, but she ends up playing at wedding functions. Gia Sen (played by Barkha Singh) is a journalist who goes on to cover Page 3 gossip instead of human rights violations. And then therea��s Isha Jaisingh (played by Saloni Chopra), who is doing what she likes a�� running a TV reality show a��but her male colleagues arena��t making the high-pressure job easier for her because, at 21, shea��s already the boss.

    Sales executive-turned-actress Ayesha Adlakha, who plays Chauhan, says, a�?The show will reinvent the bro code of sorts, where these three girls stand by each other, come what may. With the show, we are also trying to break stereotypes that follow independent, career-oriented girls. We are not saying that women need to be like men. Just be yourself, and work towards your passion.a�?

    From hunting for a flat, haggling with rickshaw drivers to struggling for a Wi-Fi connection, the show promises to present a realistic account of life in a new city. Plus therea��s friendship and romance thrown in for extra spice.

    Adlakha tell us what a wholesome bunch the trio is. a�?Revati is the baby of the group, whose ideals always land her in trouble. But she is a loyalist, and will do anything for her friends. Gia is a grammar Nazi and a cleanliness freak. We two are always fighting because I am the messiest. Isha, meanwhile, is the mommy and the mature one. She keeps us together,a�? she shares.

    This friendship spills off sets, too. The girls get along like a house on fire, she admits, and are always doing things together, like driving to music festivals. So we can see a lot of that camaraderie on the show, too. After all, ita��s always good to keep things a little real.

    Premieres on March 7, 6.30 pm on MTV

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