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    Telling tales

    An app that makes sure ita��s story time, anytime

    Mohan Rao felt the need to create Story Truck a�� the largest collection of childrena��s e-books a�� when his children were seven and three years old. a�?My kids enjoyed Panchatantra but it was hard to get them in the US. I, my brother and cousins had the same difficulty in India with childrena��s books,a�? he begins. StoryTruck is available on Android, iOS devices, and desktops.
    Starting young
    StoryTruck carries the popular Tulika Books, Appu series and classics like Tales of Akbar and Birbal, Tenali Raman in English and many Indian languages. They plan to grow slowly but surely as Rao says he would rather focus on quality than quantity. a�?Our goal is to build the largest collection of books for ages 2-10, across English, Indian languages, fiction and non-fiction,a�? the founder tells us, elaborating that their USP is QCC a�� quality, cost and convenience. a�?We are obsessed with quality. We ensure books look great on a majority of devices. The audio is crisp and noise-free,a�? he says and luckily we find that it doesna��t crash half-way through a story either!
    Going digital
    On the e-book trend, Rao says, a�?We are still watching movies, listening to music and reading books. But whata��s changing is how we do it. Digital is all about putting people in control of what they see, how they see and where they see it. People will still be reading in the future but they will choose the medium, time and type of device.a�? Currently, they have 150 titles and over 700 books in nine languages, all for `60 a month or `600 for the year, suitable for young readers with titles with text, pictures and audio, available across all your devices. Teen and adult books are also in the pipeline for this US-based company.
    Details: storytruck.com
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