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    Saregamaa��s exclusive classical music app kickstarts with 8,000 songs

    Think the demand for classical music in the country is on the wane? Vikram Mehra, MD of Saregama India, has an interesting statistic for you. In the first week of its launch (September 15), Saregamaa��s first exclusive app for classical music has generated over 10,000 downloads. Mehra isna��t surprised. a�?We all knew that classical music has takers. It was just a matter of giving the people a viable platform from where they can access original songs, right from the 1950s, with ease,a�? he shares. So with over 8,000 songs, 400 plus artistes and 50 radio stations, Saregama Classical aims to be the go-to app for Hindustani and Carnatic songs. a�?There is also a third category called Fusion, where the songs have Western influences,a�? he says, adding that though there are other apps for classical musica��like 50 Hindustani Classical and Vocala��Saregamaa��s app has an edge thanks to a�?original MP3s, ?which ensure superior sound quality?a�?.
    The songs are not only divided on the basis of genres, but also artiste names (think Zakir Hussain, Pandit Ravi Shankar, Amjad Ali Khan, among others), instruments (violin, mandolin, tabla, etc) and ragas. a�?Fourteen instruments are loaded on the app, and users can select a raga and access relevant songs. The app also provides information about the raga and taal of every song, regardless of whether a user chose it by selecting a particular raga,a�? Mehra explains. Besides this, there are also commentaries by music experts and aficionados, along with anecdotes and biographical trivia of artistes on the app. a�?We have painstakingly come up with this database of original songs, and new songs are being added as we speak,a�? he shares, pointing out that users can listen to songs online or download them. At Rs 99 per month.
    Details: saregama.com/apps/classical


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