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    A dentist and home maker come together in Sugar Cube, offering millet treats and homemade chocolates

    Therea��s no ignoring onea��s passion, as Dr Sunitha Raja will tell you. A dentist for the past 20 years, Raja started baking while she was in class eight and despite her busy schedule in the clinic, makes times for the kitchen even today.

    SUNITAa�?There was a period when there was barely any time for it. But about three years ago, I decided to focus,a�? she says, not denying that the many posts by other home bakers on Facebook was the much needed encouragement. After discovering that her friend Aarthi Ram, a home maker, also shared the same passion, the duo started a Facebook page, Sugar Cube.

    SUNITA2Brownies & more
    a�?Aarthi is good at elaborate cakes and also loves to work with chocolate,a�? she says about her partner, confessing that being just three months old, most of their orders have been from friends. But that is slowly changing, thanks to the recently-concluded Bake-A-Difference by Ladies Circle India, where the duo sold dessert jars, double chocolate brownies, devila��s food cakes and French baguettes. Working on a menu that is soon to go up on their Facebook page, Rajaa��s focus is to promote healthy, millet-based offerings. a�?Yes, we do have the usual maida options, but that is only to cater to everyone,a�? she clarifies.

    SUNITA11Organic connection
    On their page, find carrot walnut cakes made with millet flour, a ragi cake made with apples, carrots and jaggery, pull apart garlic loaves, and desserts like baklava and mousses. Sourcing their mixed millet flour from organic stores, the duo allow you to customise the ratio of flours that are mixed for your products. a�?The limitations of using millet flour is that the cakes turn out denser and have a lesser shelf life,a�? she says, adding that they also offer gluten-free products made with almond flour. a�?It is easier to work with than coconut flour,a�? concludes Raja, whoa��s offering pumpkin pie cupcakes as a Halloween special.
    Cupcakes and brownies between Rs.40 and Rs.50, millet cakes at Rs.1,500 per kilo. Details: facebook.com/sugarcubebakers

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