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    The Retyrement Plan adds some colour to your home

    Artist, textile designer and sculptor Anu Tandon brings her label, The Retyrement Plan, to Purple Turtles this weekend. A furniture line specialising in pieces hand-crafted from recycled materials, Tandon emphasises on the importance of quality and aesthetics. a�?Ia��m not into using recycling as a crutch for sub-standard products. Thata��s why I ensure that everything I create is perfect. The fact that ita��s recycled is something that adds to the value of my creations,a�? she begins.

    Woven treasures
    Mumbai-based Tandon uses the waste from textile and tailoring units, old tyres, packaging waste, bamboo and cane to craft furniture that is best described as a riot of colours. Ottomans, poufs, arm chairs, two-seaters, stools and couches make up her collection, with each piece sporting a minimum of five colours. a�?Since I work mainly with waste, that is then turned into colourful ropes by highly skilled labourers in Gujarat and Rajasthan, I do not get to choose my palette. I work with whatever I have, sometimes using rattan to offset certain shades,a�? she reveals, adding a�?The collection is contemporary, comfortable, versatile and very youthful. So stay away if you are colour shy or have a taste for classic pieces.a�?
    Once the ropes are made, they are woven and put together by her team of traditional weavers from Bihar and West Bengal in Mumbai, after she designs and conceptualises each piece. a�?Ita��s a shame that these indigenous crafts are dying with most craftsmen moving on to mundane jobs as security guards and drivers to sustain themselves and their families. I hope to do my little bit towards reviving these dying professions,a�? Tandon signs off.Rs.5,000 upwards. At Indiranagar. Details: 4152 8039
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