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    Sara Vetteth, of Rainbow Fish Studio, on including art in the curriculum and public spaces

    WE AGREE that art and art workshops should not be confined to quick summer courses. An idea echoed by Rainbow Fish Studio, which saw more than 300 registrations this summer. Now they are ready with new coursesa��in various mediums like charcoal, ink and water colour, dry pastels and oil pastelsa��with an aim to introduce art to children at schools.

    SARA8Art in school
    Though Sara Vetteth, the founder of Rainbow Fish Studio, wrote Art for Kids, a popular series of booksa�� where she worked in collaboration with major Indian artists to introduce their work to childrena��she feels ita��s not enough. a�?I think the curriculum will need to focus on communicating context, developing skill and exploring creativity,a�? says Vetteth, who completed her Mastera��s at Parsona��s School of Design, New York, and was invited as an artist-in-residence to the Bauhaus School in Germany. Having worked with clients like Jaguar and BMW, Vetteth feels that real change in art education can happen only in schools and that it needs a broad-based curriculum starting from grade one and going on at least till grade eight. a�?While many schools have very committed and talented art teachers, they are largely expected to create curriculum on their own. We would like to support these schools and work with their art teachers to supplement their curriculum,a�? she shares. For instance, the introduction to architecture course for grade four at Rainbow Fish Studio deals with columns, beams, arches and domes.

    Look around you
    Having resided in New York for couple of years, Vetteth is of the opinion that one must be exposed to art to be introduced to it. a�?India is very rich in art historya��we have temples, palaces and ancient murals, as well as a vibrant contemporary art scene with our young artists making waves in the global art world. In recent years, people travel more with their families to important historical monuments and major contemporary artworks have started to appear in hotel lobbies, malls and other public places,a�? she says, adding that a�?Art Chennai every year and the exhibitions put up by the Lalit Kala Academy are some great public venues to view art in the city.a�?

    Choose a course
    Design Thinking: to help kids explore various types of design
    IIn diversity: to showcase traditional and contemporary art as well as architecture and design in India
    A Day at the Museum: looks at major artworks from across the world
    Media time: drawing and mixed media for ages five to seven, and water colour, charcoals or pastels for the older kids
    Baked fun: their clay studio with their own kiln, which offers sculpture and pottery classes.

    New courses at Rainbow Fish, Kotturpuram, start today, at 4 pm. Details: www.rainbowfishstudio.com

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