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    Learn to loveA�grapes at Enotecaa��s wine education workshop

    Not everyone is born a wine expert. Actually, no one is born an expert, which is why an intensive workshop to take people through wine, and its various nuances, makes good sense. Enoteca by Madhuloka is one-of-a-kind wine education platform that conducts wine events, courses and workshops around Bengaluru to promote the wine-drinking culture, and also spread awareness. Their new workshop WEAT (wine education, appreciation, and tasting), which is now recognised by Karnataka Wine Board, is definitely worth a shot. Participants get a chance to taste up to 20 different kinds of wines from various regions around the world in this eight-hour workshop and go through a presentation by a certified wine educator about the wines. This workshop will take the participant through topics such as Alcohol and Health, History and Evolution of Wine, Sensory Analysis, Wine Production, Grape Varieties and Wine Regions, Storage and Service, and Wine and Food Pairing.
    This comprehensive programme is a combination of philosophy, science and art behind wines and wine tasting and is suitable for general wine enthusiasts as well as professionals. Managing director of Enoteca, KS Lokesh says, a�?One reason for people to sign up with this workshop is so that they can understand wine; people have been buying wine for years, but most often they dona��t know what they are paying for. For example, people think expensive wines are better, but that need not be the case. Or that French wines are better than any other wine. This workshop is designed to address all these points.a�?
    `3,600 (per person). At Sarjapur Road. Details: 41110392
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