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    Why you may want to sign up for an Access Consciousness workshop to realise your potential

    As with anything a�?alternativea��, skepticism usually meets assertions that the 25-year-old therapeutic method of Access Consciousness can actually make a difference in our lives. However, Bangalore-based facilitator Ayeda Ravindran, who will be conducting a workshop in the city in the first week of February, believes that a�?being in the questiona�? is the best way to make a start.
    Founded in 1990 by Gary Douglas, an international speaker and author, Access Consciousness claims to be a pragmatic set of tools that helps get rid of all the mental blocks that are keeping you from achieving your true potential. a�?The blocks could be complexes or ideas you have been brought up with, that creates layers of limitations from which we function,a�? begins Ravindran, also a leadership coach. One of the key components of the workshop will be learning how to work your barsa��32 points in your head (relating to everything from control and creativity to sexuality and health), which when held in different configurations, help release the blocks. a�?The body is composed of electrical impulses and these negative blocks are stored as tiny electrical impulses. So when you hold them, they act like a jumper cable, releasing the electricity,a�? explains the Stanford graduate who previously worked as the head of knowledge management at MPhasis.
    The workshop will also show you how to run bars on others (Gifting and Receiving) and explain tools like Light and Heavy (encouraging you to identify and listen to your instincts) and the clearing statement, an energetic sentence that will help unblock your mind. a�?Once your bars start running, they run forever,a�? says Ravindran, adding that she will be conducting the workshop with her sister Kuki, a well known home baker in the city. a�?She will nurture the body while I nurture the soul,a�? she signs off.
    Rs 7,500 + Rs 500 for refreshments. February 7-9, at Valmiki Nagar, from 10 am to 5 pm. Details: 9841090592

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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