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    Public Houseai??i??s new terrace section offers a sparkling view of Chennaiai??i??s tech-park skyline

    Roughly 20km from Marina Beach, and about 350km from Bengaluru up ahead on the National Highway 48, is where Chennai gets a whiff of the beer-chugging, hops-happy nightlife culture of the pub capital of the South.
    The year-and-half-old Public House, across the road from the sprawling, township-sized DLF IT Park, opened a new terrace section earlier this week, with little more than a quiet evening for ceremony, and just this lone newshound offering some semblance of a media presence.

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    The rewards, thereby, were more than adequate ai??i?? discounting sole rights to examine every inch of their walls, plastered with graffiti, featuring overbold incitements such as, ai???Stop thinking, start drinkingai???. A couple of flavoured martinis made for a fine start ai??i?? a watermelon, and a pineapple mix. Both cocktails turned out fairly spicy, one dressed with an open cardamom pod, and the other with a split green chilli ai??i?? the spice statedly works well to cool the nerves of Chennaiai??i??s tech-wired folk.
    Downstairs, the Public Houseai??i??s airs are in line with say, Bengaluruai??i??s Tavern at the Inn ai??i?? noisy, smoke-filled, predominantly filled with men, with platefuls of finger food of the masala peanuts and roasted papad kind, classic rock and loud cheer being passed around the tables. The Public Houseai??i??s kitchen doesnai??i??t offer main course meals, while a separate cookhouse upstairs serves up tandoori and continental fare.

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    The inter-city connection runs slightly deeper, as Public House is co-owned by DJ D Nash (aka Dinesh) ai??i?? not to be confused with the other DJ Nash, Avinash. An old-hand with vivid memories of
    former Bengaluru haunts such as Zero G, Dinesh frequently played at Xtreme Sports Bar Indira Nagar, and is currently active in the Chennai circuit, at hotposts such as Q Bar and 10 Downing Street.
    At Dineshai??i??s bidding, we sampled two spunky treats from the upstairs counter ai??i?? the brandy-soaked sausages, and the barbecued pineapple and watermelon. Charred segments apart, both dishes were served with inventive garlic-onion mayonnaise and chilli-pepper mint dips on the side. Again, as attested by the barkeep, the seared eats work well for parched throats looking to get soused, be it in Bengaluru or Chennai.
    The best thing yet, about Public Houseai??i??s new terrace section, is the view it affords of Chennaiai??i??s skyline, extending beyond its tech park ambits. To make things somewhat memorable, the night of the opening witnessed
    a near-full moon, and the enlarged globe appeared to wear a thumb-up in place of its usual Jade Rabbit. But that might just be the martinis talking.

    Drinks and eats for two approx. Rs 1500. Details: 9884877700

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