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    Whenever I find myself trying to make sartorial decisions at the cusp of a New Year, I realise that the timeless tradition of making a set of new resolutions is always the best place to begin. I have listed out some of the most popular fashion resolutions this year and even asked The Registry of Saris founder Ally Mathan and designer Michelle Salins to weigh in.

    Keep it simple: Simplicity is the key to looking good in 2017. Wear non-fussy clothes with classy, clean and fresh lines that never go out of style.

    Take a stand: It is a good idea to adopt a cause in the New Year and make it your signature style. For instance, one could wear more handwoven saris or kurtas, adopt sustainable fashion, wear only eco-friendly fabrics or buy ensembles crafted out of indigenous dyes.

    Think shape, not size: This is the year we should focus on new shapes, right from our handbags to our jewellery to our clothes. Instead of your regular square tote, think of options like the tiny baguette, the oblong messenger, the barrel bag or the wooden handled bucket bag. As for accessories, try triangular earrings, a square bracelet or an owl shaped pendant.

    Incorporate green: The Pantone colour of the year is greenery, a colour that will soon be seen in the stores. It is a flattering colour, so start adding green to your wardrobe.

    Experiment with trouser styles: The trouser has undergone so many transformations in the last few years. From flat front trousers, to button cuffed, tapered, pleated, harem pants, the crop and the capri ai??i?? there are several new looks to try out this year. Toss out those skinny jeans now and enjoy the new trouser.

    Try coloured footwear: It is a good year to put all your black and beige footwear away and embrace colour. But the idea is not to go completely ai???matchyai??i?? either. It is best to pick out a tiny colour or print from your ensemble and find a pair of shoes that will act as a contrast to the rest of your outfit.

    -Asha Chowdary

    MICHELLE SALINS, fashion designer

    Office-wear chic: I love my ai???jeansai??i?? but I am planning to change next year. I will be launching a stylish corporate line soon and I plan to flaunt my collection by wearing these clothes for work. I am going to use less denim and choose more formal wear every day.

    Get nail-perfect: I love the trend of nail-art that is huge all over the world now. So maintaining well manicured nails is at the top of my list.

    Find the perfect sleeve:Ai??With sleeve lengths all set to vary next year, I would love to wear the variations, right from the flared, gathered, large to the cuff sleeves with the bows. The extended shoulder sleeve is also poised to be a big trend next year and I am going to try them all.

    Ally Matthan,Ai??Co-Founder, Ai??The Registry of Sarees

    Buy Indian: We need to go back to our roots in terms of fabric and I plan to do so this year. I might wear a tailored or an unstitched garment like a sari but the fabrics
    will be local.

    Bend the rules a bit: I am going to find a way to wear gender-equal clothes and still bring out my feminine side. For example, a dhoti-sari or a dapper tailored suit.

    Cheap skelaxin abuse An accessory as a statement: As for accessories, I think all of us should wear one statement piece of jewellery that is sure to be a conversation starter. There are many young designers who have started making beautiful statement jewellery. Jewellery made with metal, wood or polyfibre inlaid with precious stones is perfect.

    Take a colour forward: I am going to pick a new colour and use it in many innovative ways. For example, since I like indigo, I will not use the colour only for my clothes. I could get an indigo laptop case or an indigo handbag and incorporate the colour into the decor of my home too.


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