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    A 21-year-old whisky is matched with Continental and South Indian fare, in a tribute to Taj Coromandel

    Taj Coromandel turns 40 this year and in a fitting tribute, a select list of guests will take part in a special evening at The Chambers, featuring a meal matched with a whisky thata��s equally celebrated a�� the Royal Salute 21YO. a�?The evening will be about great stories and experiences at the hotel. And we have identified guests who have such stories to tell,a�? says Sandeep Arora, popularly known as the countrya��s whisky ambassador, who will be taking guests through the evening.
    a�?The nutty and buttery flavour of this whisky is complemented by subtle flavours and fruity ingredients,a�? says executive chef Alok Anand, who has chosen dishes like the vapour cooked asparagus with strawberries and sour cream, and slow-roasted quail with celery emulsion and balsamic figs for the dinner tonight. And if you are not among the select group that will get to indulge in this Continental meal, therea��s respite in the form of a South Indian thali, also matched with the 21YO whisky at Southern Spice.
    Featuring dishes like Mysore rasam, kori gassi and urlai vathakal, this special menu has hand-picked dishes that feature the flavours of spice, without being overly spicy or hot. Dona��t miss this special thali (available in a vegetarian version too), on offer for a month, starting tomorrow. Rs 2,500 plus tax per person. Details: 66002827

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