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    A Coimbatore-based company brings in a Canadian accessory to chill wines and other spirits instantly

    Even if youa��re equipped with a temperature-controlled wine cellar, you still have to deal with a cumbersome ice bucket to keep your wines chilled on the table. What if we told you that you dona��t need to refrigerate/chill (apart for storing at the right temperature) the bottle at all?

    RWW_glassCoimbatore-based SARB International, who deal in kitchen, food service and bakery equipment, are now the principal distributors of Canadian company, Ravi Solutions, in India. Started in 2007 in Montreal, Ravi are makers of a�?instanta�� wine chillers that cool wines as you pour them out.

    a�?You simply keep the wine chiller in your freezer for at least half an hour and then attach it to the mouth of the bottle,a�? explains P Madhusudan, the director and CEO of SARB. Designed by Canadian Michel Dallaire, the chiller has a food-grade stainless steel coil embedded in a gel that is sealed in a protective case. As the wine passes through the coil, it gets chilled instantly and the device can be used to cool an entire bottle once out of the freezer.

    With no batteries or refill required,A� the product simply needs to be rinsed and stored back in the freezer, after use. What temperature does the Ravi chill your wine to, we hear you ask. There are two variants of the product a�� one for reds that reduces the temperature to about 60-65 Fahrenheit and another for whites that chills to 45-55 Fahrenheit.
    Available from July, through a network of distributors, wea��re told that the product will hit shelves of home accessories stores soon and Madhusudan shares plans to take the product online via portals like Flipkart. While these chillers are most likely to be used in hotels and bars initially, Madhusudan is confident that they will become indispensable at home as well. After all, they can be used to chill hard liquor a�� a great alternative to whiskey stones, for those who dona��t like their single malts watered down.

    Expected to be priced below Rs. 1,500. Details: 9790967578

    a�� Ryan Peppin


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