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Three books penned by Indian authors, for auto enthusiasts

CARS are not only about belting up and driving. They can be appreciated while sitting on your couch, too. We list some interesting book recommendations for your weekends.

Nano bubble
India as an automotive market makes for a fascinating read. Author Gautam Sen’s page-turner, A Million Cars for a Billion People: The Story of India’s Millionaire Cars, tracks the evolution of the ‘people’s car’—from the early days of the Ford T Model to the Maruti Suzuki 800, the favourite of the 90s. The highlight, however, is the story of the Tata Nano, which was meant to be a game-changer, but failed to meet expectations.
Rs 323. Details: amazon.in

Royal wheels carx1
The coffee table book, The Automobiles of the Maharajas, by Manvendra Singh and Sharda Dwivedi is a treat for classic car lovers. Its 324 pages are filled with photographs of vintage machines owned and raced by the royal families of India.The Rolls-Royce features heavily as the brand most favoured by the Maharajas. Rs 3,000. Details: flipkart.com

Tiger trails car x2
This memoir is a collection of the accounts of travellers on a 50-day journey across major tiger reserves in India. Noted auto journalist and wildlife enthusiast, Bob Rupani, compiled them in Tracking the Tiger, with the help of Land Rover India. The book is packed with off-roading action in a Freelander and a Range Rover Sport.Rs 2,949. Details: amazon.com


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