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Three booksA�penned by IndianA�authors, for autoA�enthusiasts

CARS are not only about belting upA�and driving. They can be appreciatedA�while sitting on your couch, too. We listA�some interesting book recommendationsA�for your weekends.

Nano bubble
India as an automotive market makes forA�a fascinating read. Author Gautam Sena��sA�page-turner, A Million Cars for a BillionA�People: The Story of Indiaa��s MillionaireA�Cars, tracks the evolution of the a�?peoplea��sA�cara��a��from the early days of theA�Ford T Model to the Maruti Suzuki 800,A�the favourite of the 90s. The highlight,A�however, is the story of the Tata Nano,A�which was meant to be a game-changer,A�but failed to meet expectations.
Rs 323. Details: amazon.in

Royal wheelsA�carx1
The coffee table book, The AutomobilesA�of the Maharajas, by Manvendra SinghA�and Sharda Dwivedi is a treat for classicA�car lovers. Its 324 pages are filled withA�photographs of vintage machines ownedA�and raced by the royal families of India.The Rolls-Royce features heavily as theA�brand most favoured by the Maharajas.A�Rs 3,000. Details: flipkart.com

Tiger trailsA�car x2
This memoir is a collection of theA�accounts of travellers on a 50-day journeyA�across major tiger reserves in India.A�Noted auto journalist and wildlife enthusiast,A�Bob Rupani, compiled them inA�Tracking the Tiger, with the help of LandA�Rover India. The book is packed withA�off-roading action in a Freelander andA�a Range Rover Sport.RsA�2,949. Details: amazon.com


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