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    We pick and choose the
    best of indie food magazines
    from across the globe


    A journal dedicated to food and
    culture, Gastronomica was started in
    2001. The magazine asks very important17Food8Full7
    questions about the role of food in
    our lives. Historical and emerging trends, in
    depth analysis of the social, political and economical
    dynamics of food, research and innovation
    and profiling of key figures from the food
    world such as activists, academics, producers
    and consumers, are some of the themes dealt
    with in each issue. We love the magazinea��s
    minimalist and stark covers, using food ingredients
    to give shape to objects that often look like
    art installations. `3,500 approximately.
    Details: amazon.com.

    Gather Journal
    The Brooklyn-based Gather
    Journal is a magazine dedicated to
    recipes, some of which are beautifully
    illustrated in an old-school style (think oil
    paintings and water colour effects) and
    some styled and photographed. Started
    in 2012, the bi-annual journal was founded
    by Fiorella Valdesolo and Michele
    Outland, former staffers at fashion magazine
    Nylon. If you are an aspiring food
    stylist then look no further for inspiration
    as ace styling and beautiful photoshoots
    are what Gather aces at. We especially
    love their reinterpreted styling of classic
    dishes such as the English dessert Eton
    Mess made of strawberries, meringue
    and cream. Taking the mess part of the
    dish name literally, the magazinea��s interpretation
    is a colourful mess including
    clouds of whipped cream, fresh
    strawberries and stiff crumbs of
    meringue. `1,450 approximately per
    issue. Details: joinpaperplanes.com
    Lucky Peach
    When rockstar chef David Chang
    (of NYC restaurant Momofuku
    fame) decided to don the hat of editor
    in 2011 with Lucky Peach magazine,
    we knew something good was
    brewing. Chang not only took
    charge but also brought along
    friends such as Anthony Bourdain
    and Ruth Reichl (former restaurant
    critic of The New York Times) to be
    part of the magazinea��s contributing
    editorsa�� roll. A quarterly dedicated
    to food and writing, each issue centres
    around a theme which is then
    delved into, through photography,
    essays, recipes and art. Lucky
    Peach is pretty avante garde when
    it comes to its treatment of long
    form writing and its aesthetics.
    Unlike the usual hyper-styled, glossy editorials of other food publications, Lucky Peach
    often resorts to gore, over the top drama and some bold and edgy writing. The back
    issues are equally lust worthy, including our favourites, the Ramen and the All You Can
    Eat issue. `646. Details: amazon.in and flipkart.com
    a�� Amrita Bose
    This onea��s not strictly a food
    magazine but food occupies an important
    position in Kinfolka��s beautifully designed
    pages with plenty of gastronomy-themed
    pieces. The magazine describes itself as a
    a�?slow lifestyle magazinea�� and takes a minimalistic
    approach to design. The themes
    revolve around cooking, slow living, design
    and community. Equally popular are offline
    events called Kinfolk Gatherings that
    range from workshops on slow living to
    community meals known as Messy Meals
    with collaborators from across the globe.
    `1,170. Details: amazon.in
    round up
    Sweet Paul
    When Oslo native Paul Lowe
    Einlyng was living in New York City in 2007
    and working as a craft and food stylist,
    inspiration struck in the form of starting a
    blog called Sweet Paul. Einlynga��s blog17Food8Full8
    based on all kinds of sweets treats presented
    with a mix of crafty Do-It-Yourself
    and his keen stylista��s eye was an instant
    hit. This led to the launch of his own zine
    called Sweet Paul in 2012. A whimsical
    take on all the sweet things in life, Sweet
    Paul offers recipes, on desserts and sweets
    along with craft, ideas for styling, and the
    latest on food props. And Einlynga��s inspiration:
    his great aunt and granny who
    instilled in him a love for cooking, decorating
    and crafting. `1,142 approximately per
    issue. Details: sweetpaulmag.com


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