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The Mentalizer reveals his trade secrets and personal beliefs ahead of his show

MENTALISING is my way of analyzing human behaviour. There are no supernatural powers involved and no a�?spirituala�� guidance, although I do believe that there is a big force out there,a�? begins Ehud Segev, better known as The Mentalizer a�� a moniker the media gave him after he successfully predicted the winners of the mayoral elections in Israel in 1998 without ever meeting them. He has come a long way since with a Broadway hit, Anomal a�� the story of a supernatural boy, based on his own life, a few motivational bestsellers and a tour with the American Army. In the city for a performance this evening, he tells us that his show is a combination of science and illusions. We attempt to demystify him.

People connect.
When I meet people in the street and tell them facts about themselves, many believe I have supernatural abilities. The truth is simple. Ia��m very connected to myself and therefore I understand what makes them tick! But I find it impossible to a�?reada�� my girlfrienda��s mind!

Spirituality in your practice.
Almost none. Therea��s a lot of spirituality in my life, but it has nothing to do with religion and belief in God.

Mind reading.
Our mind has a mind of its own.
So basically, no one can really read your mind, but certain mentalisers can read a specific thought in situations.

On stage.
I use many techniques to give people the full illusion of what will happen if someone really had supernatural powers. This is why my show is called WHAT IF. So it is a fun, entertaining show that makes people wonder.

Making the spoon bend.
Special techniques and methods that involve physical energy.
Has your skill ever failed you?
Many times. I think that it is proof that I am human!

Magic vs illusion.
I combine magic, illusion and mentalising. I let the audience decide when it is real and when it is an illusion.

Favourite personal act.
I ask people to write names of cities and my job is to tell who wrote which city after the list has been shuffled. The people I call on stage for this are random people with random thoughts and personalities.

The Mentalist on
Ita��s a great TV show and it also opened up a new market for me. In one year I collected over 10,000 students to my online program world wide!

7.30 pm. A�At Phoenix MarketCity, Whitefield. Tickets (Rs 600 upwards) at bookmyshow.com

a��Susanna Chandy