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    The author hopes to interact with fans during her first Pondy visit

    There’s good news for bookworms in Pondicherry. Anuja Chauhan, the author of bestsellers like The Zoya Factor and Those Pricey Thakur Girls, is heading down the East Coast this Thursday for a book reading session. An initiative by People For Pondicherry’s Heritage—in association with Pondy Art, Kasha ki Asha and Gratitude-A Heritage Home—it is an extension of February’s  Heritage Festival. Plans are underway to organise sessions with musicians, artists, authors and on architecture restoration all year, with this event kickstarting the series.

    Taking place at Kasha ki Asha, the interaction is designed for an intimate group. Chauhan will talk about her books, especially the latest, The House That BJ Built, a sequel to the famous Those Pricey Thakur Girls. Interestingly, Pondicherry seems to be a fan of the author, for the bookstores have already sold out copies of her latest—a definite thumbs up for the reading session. Chauhan, who is visiting Pondicherry for the first time, hopes to enjoy the culture and seascape. “I am sure we will get down to discussing much more than my books,” she insists, adding that she is penning a novel about the Indian air force in the 60s.

    On the cards
    Sunaina Mandeen, founder of PondyCAN and People for Pondicherry’s Heritage says that the idea to bring down authors was fuelled by their love for the written word. “We aim to preserve the heritage of Pondicherry, from architecture to the intangible ones that include culture, music and arts,” she says. Their next session will have Raphaël Malangin’s book, Pondicherry That Was Once French India, taking centre stage, and possibly authors like Sachidananda Mohanty soon.
    OnAugust 4, from 7 pm  onwards Details: 0413 2222963

    Niranjana Hariharanandanan


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