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    Sporting energy capsules and anti-shred tech, this new crop of shoes ensure adrenaline junkies stay safe A�

    if you are guilty of slipping into Keds before heading out for a trek, you are on the right page. Matching your shoe to the adventure sport of your choice is essential. With cutting-edge technology (like RopePro wrap anti-shred tech for climbers), they can spell the difference between a great adventure and a stint in the hospital. a�?The right kind of shoe helps protect your feet and prevent injury. Rock climbers and parkour enthusiasts must wear shoes with a good grip in the midsole,a�? says Mumbai-based Giles Da��Souza, a parkour professional. Herea��s our pick of the latest.

    Lead-5-RappelingWhen you are hanging off the side of a cliff, shoes with a good grip can make all the difference. The Belleville Tactical Research Range Boot 6a�? from Belleville Boots is a must-have. Specially designed to be lightweight and give enhanced mobility, the upper is made of waterproof nubuck leather and mesh, while the midsole features moulded EVA for shock absorption. Its outsole comes with Vibram ibex that improves traction on rough terrain. Rs 7,500. Details: amazon.com

    Hit the pedal in Ba��Twin Road Cycling Shoes. Introduced by Decathalon a couple of months ago, this light pair with micrometric tightening gives great grip during long hours of cycling. a�?The sole is made of carbon, making the shoe stiff, giving optimum energy transfer and control even when riding on rugged terrain. Microtightening helps users adjust the tightness of the shoe, which is good for clipless riding (with no buckles on the paddles),a�? says Akshay Achuthan, the commercial manager. Rs 7,999 Details: decathalon.com

    Rope climbing
    This one wona��t leave you dangling with no support. With dual density foam that gives great balance, the Crossfit Nano 4.0 comes with RopePro wrap a�?which provides greater grip while rope climbing. It also prevents shredding of the shoe, a part of the wear-and-tear of this activity,a�? says Somdeb Basu, Reebok India brand director. The shoe also comes with metasplit flex grooves and flexible cushioning. Rs 9,999. Details: 30083661

    Trail running
    For those who find adventure in hitting the trails, we have Adidasa�� Ultra Boost. With a sole boasting 3,000 energy capsules (for better a�?springa��), the shoe is light and promises to maximise energy-return benefits. One of the reasons why ita��s cricketer KL Rahula��s favourite. a�?Running on different terrain is an important aspect of my training regime and the energy return from the shoe is incredible. It doesna��t make you feel tired,a�? he says. With flexible Primeknit fabric, it is both anti-sweat and offers maximum breathability. a�?The Ultra Boost is our response to runnersa�� call for more energy,a�? concludes Damyant Singh, brand director, Adidas India. Rs 15,999. Details: 9841002627

    Rain or shine, this is the pair to pick before heading out into the mountains. a�?The Columbia Sportswear Mena��s Peakfreak Excursion Excel Outdry is packed with three technologiesa��the Omni-Grip gives control on uneven terrain (rocks to loose dirt), Techlite makes the shoe extremely lightweight, and OutDry, the next level of waterproofing technology, makes it effective on trail runs and treks,a�? explains Khyati V Bhinde, the branda��s VP in India. Rs 6,499. Details: columbiasportswear.co.in


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