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    Travel writer and auto enthusiast, Rishad Saam Mehta, on fast cars, best riding routes and making memories

    When you decide to hit the road, getting there is sometimes just as exciting as being there. This is one of the many principles, Rishad Saam Mehta, touches upon in his latest book, Fast Cars and Fidgety Feet. Though the engineer-turned-travel writera��s previous book Hot Tea across India is nation-centric, his latest work is a collection of crazy road trips, treks and food hunts from around the world. The avid photographer talks about everything from driving a Skoda Yeti into Poland to discover the places where Steve McQueen rode a TT Special 650 Triumph motorcycle in The Great Escape to gorging on a bistecca alla fiorentina (T-bone steak) in one of Tuscanya��s many taverns.

    Step out
    Though irksome security checks, stressful last-minute schedule changes, uncomfortable seats and cranky co-passengers, may deter others from travelling, in his book,this Mumbaikar tries to drive home the fact that travel is not an indulgence rather it is an essential investment to a fuller and more wholesome life. a�?Get out there and spend your money on travel,a�? begins Mehta, elaborating, a�?Take a holiday without the shackles of package tourism. Bypass travel agents, go online, do you research and plan your own trips, hire that fancy car you want to drive, eat that unusual dish. Spend money on crazy stuff like skydiving and river rafting.a�?

    In the fast lane
    Mehtaa��s living the dream. He gets to embark on driving holidaysa��as hi-end automobile manufacturers fly him across the planet to test-ride luxury/sports cars on the best roads. The travel writer shares a few pointers, for those planning to head out on a long driving holiday. a�?If you love to ride and find yourself in Europe, rent the BMW 5 series. While driving in America, either the 5.0 Litre Mustang GT or the Dodge Charger R/T models should suffice. Hi-end car rental sites like Kayak will help in this regard,a�? shares Mehta, continuing, a�?Looking for the best routes to boost your ultimate riding experience? Try Australiaa��s Great Ocean Road, the West Coast of Ireland, the Alps in Bavaria and Australia, Western Wales and the South Island of New Zealand.a�?
    Details: Kayak.com

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    Rapid fire:

    2 What goes wrong,
    all the time:
    My charm. It doesna��t work at the check-in counter and I dona��t get upgraded to business class, they usually
    prefer money.

    2 Biggest challenge
    on the road:
    Capturing great photographs. There are many dynamics and they all have to be lined-up perfectly at the same time.

    2 Gastronomic must haves:Australia (kangaroo steaks,abalone and whiting), France (roasted marrow bones with garlic toast), England (pan-fried calf liver), South Africa
    (kudu steak)

    2 Walk to remember:
    If therea��s only one trek you will ever do in India, venture alongside the pristine, alpine lakes of Kashmir. `80,000 (per person). Details: snowmanadventures.net

    a��Anoop Menon


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