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    A new airline A�kickstarts India operations A�with the lowest fares, a A�fleet of 787 Dreamliners A�and on-board WiFi

    if your last holiday to South East Asia started with you flying curled up on a budget airline with limited leg room and no free drinks, the latest entrant into the Indian airline industry will excite you. Unveiling a fleet of long-haul Boeing 787 Dreamliners capable of carrying up to 375 passengers, low-cost airline Scoota��a subsidiary of Singapore Airlinesa��launched its maiden service this week. Starting services from Chennai and Amritsar, Scoot is flying passengers to some of the most preferred tourist destinations like Bangkok, Sydney and Bali. a�?From spacious 787 Dreamliners to vegetarian and halal certified meals, and in-flight WiFia��the first-of-its-kind in a low-cost passenger airlinea��Scoot will redefine budget flying from India,a�? begins country head Bharath Mahadevan, adding that Tiger Airways (another budget carrier from Singapore Airlines) will be replaced by Scoot in its Chennai operations.
    Smooth flyer
    Voted Asia/Pacifica��s best low-cost airline for 2015, Scoot kickstarted services with a host of travel deals that seemed too good to be true. A one-way flight from Chennai to Sydney/Melbourne comes at `13,500a��the lowest fare in the route. Amritsar to Singapore is just `4,650 and Chennai to Singapore is Rs 5,321. Once on board, for Rs 741, you can access ScooTV, which offers a range of Hollywood and Asian movies, and TV shows (with English subtitles) for the full duration of the flight. Want to continue updating your Instagram and Facebook? Buy an in-flight WiFi pack for Rs 805 (one hour),Rs 1,142 (three hours) and Rs 1,480 (24 hours). Therea��s more on offer. If you are flying to Singapore and want to get a taste of their cuisine even before you set foot on the island city-state, try their in-flight street food specials like dry laksa, nasi lemak and nasi biryani (`809), and pair it with their local beer, Tiger (Rs 390).

    All aboard
    a�?Scoot is able to offer competitive fares because our ticket bookings are customisable. Flyers can opt for the basic package or fly premium, complete with our varied choice of food, beverages and in-flight entertainment,a�? says Mahadevan, adding that Scoot will soon start services from other states.

    The competition
    * Indigo: Chennai to Singapore, from Rs 7,789 onwards (till July 15) * Air Asia Beach Getaway: Chennai to Bangkok, from Rs 3,333 onwards (till Sunday) * Malaysia Airlines: Chennai to Langkawi, from Rs 16,436 onwards (till Sunday)

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