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    Monia Lamarche Latest Performance in Chennai

    With over 1,200 performances in six countries to her credit, Monia Lamarche makes her Chennai debut at Park Hyatt

    My chat with Monia Lamarche has left me a tad confused. Ita��s difficult to choose the right adjective when describing certain people and shea��s one of them. Do I call her a�?diligenta�� because shea��s giving me an interview barely 12 hours after her 30-hour flight from Canada? Should I describe her as a�?multi talenteda�� because she sings (in English and French), composes (she has done 20 original tracks), pens lyrics, models, acts and also writes fiction (a book on music, anyone)? Perhaps she should be called a�?experienceda�� because shea��s done over 1,200 shows in over six countries. Or maybe a�?smarta�� since she speaks six languages, including Arabic, Spanish and Italian.
    Globe trotting
    Lamarche, who hails from Montreal, is not new to India. Her seven-year career as a freelance performer has taken her to places like Egypt, Japan, Maldives and more recently, New Delhi and Hyderabad. a�?I like to discover the people, food, culture, architecture,a�? says the political sciences and international relations graduate from University of Quebec in Montreal, whose earliest inspiration to take up music was a�?Madonna, then Shania Twain and Celine Dion.a�? But dona��t let that get you thinking that shea��s more of a country-pop singer. Lamarche, who has studied music and has a diploma in presenting for radio and television, has completed several workshops in theatre, dancing and acting, among others, and takes pride in her wide repertoire. a�?I do jazz, easy listening, lounge, retro, pop/uptempo,a�? she says, listing artists from Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra to John Legend and Dido.
    At the Elephant
    Refusing to pick a favourite from the many venues she has performed at, Lamarche quips that she is looking forward to her time at The Flying Elephant, where she is most likely to perform solo. But she is definitely open to collaborations with other artistes, like Mumbai-based pianist Ryland Da��Souza who she performed with while in Hyderabad. For New Year, we hear that Lamarche will share the spotlight with other artists (DJs most likely) at the grand bash that Park Hyatt plans to put up. And after party season, wea��re sure Lamarche will be looking forward to her time in Chennai, to check all the usual boxes a�� from beaches to churches and temples, with plenty of restaurant hoppingA� and of course, a visit to the French colony, that she seems to be waiting to do.
    Monia Lamarche starts performing at The Flying Elephant from today. Details: 71771234

    a��Ryan Peppin


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