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    One boy gives womenfolk hope as JJ Abrams gives Star Wars fans much more. Plus, NBA stars are spoofed into literary characters

    Battle of zones
    Game of Thrones gets an animation spoof about NBA titled Game of Zones. The Bleacher Report uses players LeBron James (Jamie Lannister), Carlos Boozer (Hodor), Chris Bosh (a dragon), Derrick Rose (Bran), Kevin Durant (Jon Snow) and Pat Riley (Tywin Lannister). Lakers Scrubs feature in the video as the creepy Lord Walder Freya��s Daughters. We loved that Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Greg Popovich were portrayed as White Walkers!

    Boys to men
    An amateur film though it is, the #RealMenDontRape video is trending and we fully agree with its fame. YTV has made a short and hard hitting little clip of two friends, Nick and Neha, chatting away about life with plenty of beer in hand. After grumbling about her life for a while, Neha passes out from drinking too much. While Nick looks into the camera menacingly, what he eventually does, will make a world of difference to women. Winds of change, indeed.

    Gathering force
    Director JJ Abrams makes the wait for Star Wars: Episode VII even better with an on-set message from Abu Dhabi. He offers fans the chance to go to the set, meet the cast and even be in the film a�� quirky make-up, wardrobe and all! He also introduces Star Wars: Force for Change, a new initiative from Disney, Lucasfilm and Bad Robot, which will raise awareness and funds for UNICEFa��s Innovation Labs. Enter at omaze.com

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