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    Mannequins challenge skin-deep beauty, a nerd gets hitched gamer style and Paul Walker is bid farewell

    Life lessons
    Tear jerking and striking, this film by director Alain Gsponer sets up disabled mannequins at Zuricha��s Bahnhofstrasse. A campaign by Pri Infirmis for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the mannequins modelled on real people with disabilities will be displayed along with regular ones. The figures, portraying brittle bone disease, malformed spines and amputated legs will sport the latest fashion with a simple tag line a�� Because who is perfect? Get closer. The aim is to provoke reflection and acceptance.

    Wedding swords
    A wedding that supersedes all expectations but is not unexpected is that of Adam Bohn a�� founder of Artix Entertainment known for the Battelon games. The marriage to his girlfriend Michelle, took place at the Don Cesar in Florida before surprised guests. Groomsmen wore knighta��s armor over suits, while Iron Man and Batman also feature. This evening, Friday the 13th, to accommodate the 2,00,000 players of the games Bohn created, will be a special wedding event in-game. And the name? Lord of the Wedding Ring.

    Gone too fast
    In a beautiful and fitting tribute to actor Paul Walker, the cast and crew of The Fast and The Furious franchise put together the best scenes of the six films to create a short film. Tragic and ironic that the actor died doing what he enjoys best a�� riding in a fast car, the video set to the song Ia��m Coming Home by Diddy a�� Dirty Money and Skylar Grey, captures the true nature of Walker and the team he considered family. A wonderful goodbye to someone the world knew as a generous and down-to-earth Cali boy.

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