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    The actress details Fat Amya��s journey in the Pitch Perfect series, and how the character is a lot like her

    HAVING just wrapped up shooting for How To Be Single, Rebel Wilson is all set for the release of the sequel to Pitch Perfect, where she reprises the role of Fat Amy. But the 35-year-old Australian stand-up and writera��who wasA� recently spotted with actor Mickey Gooch (confirming rumours the two are dating)a��is also in the news for a wardrobe malfunction in the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer. Wilson talks about her journey as Fat Amy the second time round, even as Pitch Perfect 3 is slated for a 2017 release.

    What did you think of Kay Cannona��s script when you read it?
    First, that it was just so funny. Kaya��s a brilliant writer. But then I also thought the script had a real emotional heart to it and a real purpose for existing as a sequel.

    What has changed for Fat Amy?
    I have a bit of a different energy in this one. Fat Amy is a senior now and facing different obstacles. You also see a deeper side of Fat Amy, a girl who is graduating college and getting ready to go out into the worlda�� and crush it.

    Have The Bellas (the a cappella group) also evolved
    in the sequel?
    In the first Pitch Perfect, we were rag-tag freshman underdogs that come up. In this one, we are the champions. Until I embarrass the group and we fall from grace.

    Anna Kendrick plays Beca again.
    She is awesome. Our characters share a college dorm room together, and we have a great in-depth scene in the middle of the movie, filmed in that room.

    Are sparks still flying between Fat Amy and Bumper
    Allen (Adam DeVine)?
    Actually, thata��s kind of the main romantic storyline of the second movie. Our chemistry was just too strong and they had to give Bumper and Fat Amy a chance to explode with awesomeness.

    What can you say about DeVine?
    We both have similar backgrounds in stand-up comedy and improv and wea��re both writers. In the first film, we loved riffing with each other and we developed a kind of love story that wasna��t really part of the script. Then Kay Cannon thought that for the second movie we would go deeper into that relationship.

    You have always loved to sing.
    I was actually in an a cappella group in high school that was dorkier than The Bellas. I trained in musical theatre at the Australian Theatre for Young People and have done some workshops for new musicals, but have not yet made my Broadway debut.

    Fat Amy must be fun to play.
    Yes. And because she is pretty close to me, she is not difficult to play. I love that she has a lot of good energy, is very loyal and, in a way, is also weirdly confident, which is something I think we have in common.

    Pitch Perfect 2 releases today.

    Anna Kendrick takes three

    What was the coolest thing about makingA�Pitch Perfect 2?
    Wea��d been shooting the opening number for a week, and it starts messing with your heada��doing the same dance for 14 hours for five days. On the last day, a bunch of balloons suddenly dropped from the ceiling, and something snapped inside us. We essentially turned into kittens chasing laser pointersa��we were running around and smacking each other with balloons. I dona��t think Ia��ve experienced joy
    like that since I was five.

    How did you all bond with each other?
    There are definitely times when wea��ve spent literally every waking hour together for two months, but just when you think you cana��t be around the same 10 people for another day, wea��d have a freeA� weekend and it was like,A� a�?What do you guys want to do?A� You want to hang out?a�� Ita��sA� aA� weird dynamic.

    What would your ideal set list of songs be?Ia��d select The Wait because I love it, Crazy Youngsters by Ester Dean (my actual choice for the moviea��s finale), and, just for fun, Yellow Submarine.

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