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    RENOVATION doesna��t mean just painting the exterior walls of a house. If a house owner believes that, then he not only needs help but should also stay away from household matters. Now, when a radio station decides to adopt a new avatar, a lot has to be done before nailing the revamp. The classic path taken by the lesser-known brands is to re-image the soundscapea��which basically means making new show tunes, maybe getting a few new voices and getting as silly as possible by way of concepts.
    Today many stations have inexperienced individuals manning important positions, which translates to amateur sound and shallow ideas. In the past, there have been many instances where someone new has taken over and their first objective was to fiddle with the imagery. How does new show tunes and novel voices matter to us listeners? Whatever happened to brand repositioning, content visibility and interactivity with the masses?
    Obviously, some of the those handling a change of sound are not fit for the job and, therefore, the on-air display becomes a complete sham. Many radio presenters and producers have no way out of this circus and only end up being jokers on air. But hang on, the true comedians are surely those who believe that they are making the right decisions and, coming to think of it, if they were given a role in a David Dhavan production they would kill it.
    To achieve a new on-air avatar is not a joke as in theory it is about rebooting the listenersa�� recall. Hence, it isna��t as simple as making dal or roti. The listenera��s choice is what makes a station popular. The station will sound like it is from Mars if it isna��t in touch with us Earthlings. It is unfortunate when you have self-proclaimed creative personnel spending most of the time on Facebook, YouTube and taking selfies. They need to reboot themselves, not the station.

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