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    A workshop by Ranjini Manian helps you kickstart your life and set goals withA� mentors.

    Call it what you want, empty nest syndrome or mid-life crisis, but at The Third Act workshop, life begins at 45. Based on Jane Fondaa��s TED talk, The Third Acta��where she explains that it is the final 30 years of life when many women lose their aim and stop growing, but thata��s when they must continue to contribute to society and be themselvesa��the workshop is perfect if you have a dream, but dona��t know how to shape it, or if you feel lost and are looking to find purpose.
    Organised by Global Adjust-ments Foundation, the workshop, which is open to women above 45, will be facilitated by the founders of the company, Ranjini Manian and Joanne Grady Huskey, who are both in their 50s. a�?We have almost 30 more years to contribute. What is missing is goal setting and introspection by women. This workshop will create an atmosphere where they can co-mentor each other,a�? begins Manian.
    It also promises to help participants reconnect with something that they had loved: a hobby, a passion or anything that can help them re-engineer their future. a�?The aim of this workshop is to look at your own self as a holistic person, look at your life as a sliver of a decade eacha��your childhood, your youth, your adult life. If you look at it like that, you will figure out at what point in your life you were most joyful. If that joy is enhanced by doing something, it can give purpose and meaning to life,a�? adds Manian.
    The inaugural session will be conducted by Huskey, who has also started iLIVE2LEAD, a social organisation that holds leadership programmes for young and adult women, in the USA.
    a�?My inspiration is Joanne. She started iLIVE2LEAD (in 2010) when in her 50s. Women are capable of so much more, they just need to have a positive mindset,a�? says Manian.
    May 6, at Global Adjustments, RA Puram. Rs 1,500. Limited seats.
    Details: 9840520394

    a��Saloni Sinha


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