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    Foo Fighters surprised everyone when they dropped Saint Cecilia EP on November 23 and made it available for free download. The band dedicated this EP to the victims of the Paris attacks with an elaborate post by frontman Dave Grohl on their Facebook page. After they failed to impress with last yeara��s Sonic Highway, the band has definitely bounced back to their glory days with this record. What ticked me off in their last release had nothing to do with the lyrical content or the way the songs were arranged. The fact that it was too commercial made me shelve it after one listen. However, I have Saint Cecilia EP playing on loop currently just for the fact that it is simple yet hard-hitting, with powerful lyrics that sum up the banda��s 20-year-old journey. Right from the first few minutes, I could feel Grohla��s grunge roots come into play in terms of the guitar patches and basslines. The title track and Sean reeks of classic rock anthems of the late 70s and early 80s that could make you feel good and sway to the rhythm. Savior Breath was a blast of copybook Grohl screaming at the top of his voice with a fast-paced music arrangement. And just when I felt that this record could not surprise me anymore, I was proved wrong. Iron Rooster came as a relief and it showed the depth of the EP by taking the tempo down a notch. Ita��s a must listen for every Foo Fighters fan. The highlight of the album came with the last track, The Neverending Sigh. The song is power-packed with its catchy guitar riffs that echo in your head even after it ends. In all, Saint Cecilia EP reminded me why the Foo Fighters are still leading the rock and roll roster of the world. As they say, some of the best things in life are for free.
    Details: saintceciliaep.com

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