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    Getting the a�?romantica�� treatment at Collage

    TWO designers and a makeover. Thata��s what Collage is promising ahead of the Valentinea��s Day weekend. On February 12, you can stockGuerlain up on flamboyant kaftans from Tarun Tahiliani and red carpet dresses from Gauri and Nainika, as well as block a one-on-one session with a Guerlain make-up artist at the store off Greams Road. While Tahiliania��s resortwear features his impeccable attention to detail as well as touches of Bidri work, paisley and abstract art, Gauri and Nainika are all about dresses, from wrap to cocktail, in tangerine, plum, fawn, charcoal and scarlet.

    The theme party
    a�?a�?Our spring line this season is big on travel. The holiday print and Parisienne street print on palazzos are evidently based on travel,a��a�� begins Nainika. The curated Valentine line will see dresses and gowns, predominantly in red and black. And if you think charcoal is more suited to winter, she adds that they have always been strong with ash and red. a�?a�?We tend to use those constantly as they suit most skin types,a��a�� adds the designer.

    With stores, especiallyA� the online ones, boasting an all-red palette, we wonder if there are alternative V-Day options. a�?a�?We have some interesting choices with off shoulders drapes. But there is peplum, bandage and even floor length dresses. We believe comfort is essential even when you are on your most romantic outing. Not every style is designed to be fitted, we have done jumpsuits and palazzos which can fun and quirky,a��a�� she says. The designers have always been big on Hollywood glamour and vintage in particular, and they continue to be inspiredA� by Diane Von Furstenberg and Karl Lagerfeld. And the look of the season? a�?a�?Hair swept away behind the ear look, or a low nape bun,a��a�� confirms Nainika.

    Priced from Rs 6,000 at Collage. Details: 28291443

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