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    In the startup race among Indian cities, Bengaluru looks like Usain Bolt and every other metro seems like a languid laggard. Chennai, in particular, appears to be the also-ran who won the wooden spoon.
    The picture might be very different when you stop viewing startups as venture capital-funded e-commerce black holes that will never see the light of profit. A little birdie tells me that such money-guzzling outfits reside primarily in Koramangala. Fortunately, the new vanguards of hope in Chennai have a lot more meat in their curry. Let me showcase eight scalding hot ventures of tomorrow to give you an inkling of their sizzle.
    34 Cross is my first exhibit. Located at 34th Cross Street in Besant Nagar, the company is self-confessedly into a�?product development for next-gen web and mobile applicationsa��. Founded by some young guns who studied at IIT Madras, 34 Cross has many aces up its short sleeve. Their cleverly-named Hasura (Haskell Asura) is a piping hot app development platform built using the advanced Haskell programming language. Also from their stable is SearchMyDB (customised search engine) and FindaKadai (an app to discover best food joints in the city).
    Mad Street Den is one of a handful of crazy companies operating in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) domain. Theya��re into developing smarter apps that leverage gaze tracking, emotion-expression detection, facial gestures and object recognition. Invention Labs is another a�?road less takena�� company operating in the realm of building tools for communication among children with disabilities. Their Avaz App uses picture cards digitally to let autistic kids express themselves.
    The thing with these pioneers is theya��ve consciously chosen fields that require path-breaking work. Inthree (Inner India Initiative) is one such enterprise. When everyone is talking e-commerce, theya��re focussing on r-commerce (rural commerce) by using an ingenious mix of home-grown networks and the mobile phone.
    Then therea��s Nimble Wireless, an Internet of Things (IOT) vanguard helping businesses to monitor the location and temperature of their assets distributed in remote places; Pi Beam (meaning: infinite energy), an automobile trailblazer that has designed a super-affordable solar electric three-wheeler for rural areas that can even power a home, when idle; Twenty19, Indiaa��s largest portal for student internship thata��s managed to sew up a vast network of 8,000 odd colleges; and EdSix, an educational gaming company thata��s launched a suite of 500 games to enhance employable skills. Still think Chennai is the proverbial slow coach?
    Know more sizzling start-ups from Chennai?
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