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    James Spader continues his stint with the third season of The Blacklist

    Playing the cool a�?criminala��, James Spader reprises his role as Raymond Reddington for the third time in The Blacklist, and pulls off the role in style.

    Excerpts from an interview…

    Will the showa��s new storyline provide a new boost to The Blacklist?
    I dona��t know if I have a boost of energy or not but season two ends with Elizabeth Keene and Raymond Reddington on the run, and real divisions in the task force. All the balls are in the air a�� where they fall will be the fun of it, I think. Ia��ve seen the first two episodes now and the divisions in the group are really my favourite part.

    It feels like the third season is about the story of Red and Elizabeth in a more serialised way than before.
    In the first season the network and the studio wanted to have a balance between a serialised show and a procedural show simply so that an audience could filter in more easily. If youa��re building an audience ita��s just easier for people to access the show at different times in the season if ita��s not too heavily serialised. It has become more and more serialised as ita��s gone along.

    Do you think Red would be more of a villain if he were in an a��80s show?
    Reda��s a bad guy. Dona��t have any illusions about that. Although he is nice to old ladies (laughs).

    A lot of actors say they dona��t judge the person that theya��re playing but youa��re okay with saying hea��s bad. Can you play him and judge him at the same time?
    Yes, of course. Youa��d be an idiot not to have a sense of when hea��s behaving very badly.

    Does that explain many of your career choices? You tend to choose those dark and more complex characters.
    Yeah, I like dichotomy certainly. I remember the first time when I read Secretary and I thought, God, this is great. What a great idea to have this sweet love story in this incredibly masochistic, sadomasochistic relationship, you know? It was really the sweetest love story I thought and I love that.

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