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    From French madeleines to citrus- flavoured cuppies, here is a list with plenty a twist

    Nothing ushers in the sweet feeling of love like the colour red. We take the hue to a luscious level by putting the spotlight on red velvet desserts. Go classic with layers of cream cheese, oozing between moist, chocolatey, red sponges or try some offbeat offerings that are trending this Valentineai??i??s Day. Go on, surprise that special someone with these indulgences.

    Mad over madeleines
    You donai??i??t need to a ticket to Paris for the crunchy red velvette madeleines. And you know you can hope for authenticity when the baker makes it a point to put down that spelling (velvette) on the menu. In case you were wondering, madeleines are a cross between cookies and cake.

    At Bakeman Begins. RedAi??velvette madeleines with a cream cheese dip priced at Rs 100 (for two), red velvette cream cheese macarons at Rs 350 (for five). Details: 09566140988.

    pancakesBlushing at breakfast
    Taking off from the classic red velvet-cream-cheese combo are some warm, comforting pancakes, served with whipped cream and strawberries. A drizzle of chocolate sauce couldnai??i??t hurt, either. Plus you know what they say about strawberries and aphrodisiacsai??i?? Alternatively, you could also opt for a romantic breakfast for two (waffles, French toast and crA?pe) on Valentineai??i??s Day.

    At Waffles Thru The Day, Adyar.Ai?? The pancakes are priced at Rs 300 + taxes. Details: 9962875655

    Pop goes the truffle
    Amp up the mush factor with these cute heart-shaped cake pops that will surely have your date melt, even before taking a bite. Of course, if you prefer a more sophisticated option, swap those lollipops for truffles. Take a bite to discover bright red velvet cake on the inside, for a fun surprise. Who needs aAi?? hickey anymore, right?

    At The Bake Shop. Six cake pops priced at Rs 300 and nine truffles priced at Rs 350. Details: 09717104984.

    jar-cakesJust jar it
    It looks like the icing on the dessert-jar cakes has still not melted. Popular among youngsters because of its sheer functionality, these portion-sized delights make for the perfect gift for your loved one. Shriram Rajendranai??i??s specialty, right from the start, has been red velvet cake jars, and they continue to fly off the shelves as Valentineai??i??s Day nears. Shriram also makes regular sized cakes on order for the occasion.

    At The Table. Available at multiple stores. A jar of red velvet costs Rs 189. Details:Ai?? 81440006613/ 9962671777

    Order hydrea Cake for two
    If youai??i??re looking for the perfect indulgence for two, check out the special red velvet ombrAi?? cake. Each layer of the ombrAi?? has varying intensities of the
    chocolate flavour, and yes, it is as delectable as it sounds. The romantics will be pleased to know that this one is heart-shaped too.

    At Crisp CafAi??, Nungambakkam.A 230gm cake (serves two), costs Rs 300. Details: 30205586

    pastryCrA?me code C++
    From citrus to coffee to chilli ai??i?? thereai??i??s nothing clichAi??d about these red velvet choices. Pastry chef Ravi Varma at La Patisserie promises to
    satisfy all your cravings this season of love ai??i?? from sweet (Red Velvet Sweet Berries) and little salty (Salted Caramel Red Velvet Gateaux) to red hot Velvet Chilli.

    At La Patisserie, Taj Coromandel. Available till February 15. A single slice or cupcake costs Rs 220 while a one kg cake is priced at Rs 2,600.Ai?? Details: 66002827

    ai??i?? Nandita Ravi & Sonali ShenoyAi??


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